Daksyam runs the DevOps implementations on an integrated set of solutions to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility, and to scale beyond small, isolated teams. We work for the:

  • Cloud-native and mobile applications
  • Application integration
  • Modernization and multicloud management

We release the applications with more frequency and prominent quality. Enhance your application resilience and monitor application transformation on hybrid and multi-cloud platforms with DevOps. Daksyam shortens the time-to-market for new product features and increases the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Our DevOps teams employ the best practices, cloud features and innovative tools to design, implement and manage cost-efficient cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of workflows. We have ample experience with optimizing and running all kinds of IT infrastructure — from bare-metal servers to cloud-based systems integrating DevOps. Automate everything: CI/CD, testing, planning, project management, issue labeling, approvals, on boarding, and more with Daksyam.